Argania spinosa - the Argan Tree

The argan or argan tree is a tree of primeval times which exists already since 25 million years. It specified itself in desert-like regions, but is found nowadays only on a particular area of approximately 800 square kilometre in the southwest of Morocco which is protected as a biosphere reservation of the UNESCO.

Argan Tree  argania spinosa Arganie

40 up to 250 trees grow on one hectare. By the search for water the roots grow into a depth of 30 meters. With extreme dryness they throw their leaves off and so are able to survive for some years. By this the trees supply a natural protection against the penetration of the desert and against ground erosion by wind and strong rain.

The tree with a hight up to 10 m and a treetop diameter of about 14 m protects itself by its strong thorns against animal grub.

The yellow, plum-large fruits contain seeds which are used for the production of the valuable argan oil. To mature the fruits need longer than one year. If there fall sufficient rain, several generations of fruits and leaves are on one tree.