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Ladies and gentlemen,

just a few years ago only very few people knew from the existence of the argan oil. Meanwhile it became well-known and even famous. Mass media report on the Moroccan argan tree, on the laborious production of the argan oil, on its singular ingredients, on its use in the kitchen and its medical effects.

"Liquid Gold", so we Moroccans call the argan oil. It means for us food and remedy at the same time: In the mornings we take a spoon of argan oil mixed with honey. We use it daily in the kitchen, use it for faster healing of wounds, and it is indispensable for us in skin care.

Since several generations the argan tree plantations and the production of the argan oil is the focus of our family, everything centres on this "tree of life". The argan tree is protected, maintained, and harvested carefully. The whole family also attends to the labour intensive oil production itself. By this we can guarantee highest quality. Sehl Gourmet, founded in the beginning of 2007 in Düsseldorf, sells its products on markets, fairs, in selected restaurants and on the Internet.

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  • Hicham Sehl

  • Achehboune Rachida